Exactly Zero is a two piece indie-rock band drawing on elements of electronica & psychedelia formed of Daniel Parsons (Amongst the Pigeons) and Ollie Barron (Shoot More Holes).

Thursday 5 November 2015 was the first time that Ollie and Daniel met up to see what making music together would be like.  At the time, they had no agenda, no expectations and no band name – exactly zero idea how things were going to turn out.

That first night of making music together went well, so they met up the next week, and the next and the next and it quickly became a regular Thursday night occurrence.

After a year, they decided it was time to put out some of the music they had been recording and in November 2016 they released ‘Digital Soul’ and became known as ‘Exactly Zero’.

The following year they continued to record tracks and also started to focus on how to play these songs live.  They played a handful of shows and again, in the autumn released another single.

Over the two years they had amassed a collection of songs which were all now completed and in 2018 they released a third single before launching a Pledge Music Campaign to finance the release of their debut album.  In September 2018 they successfully funded the release of DEFIANCE; a ten track album all recorded in their ‘shedio’.

The summer of 2018 also saw them playing a lot more live shows including a number of festivals, all of which got great feedback.  The main take-away from many people was that they did not know how to describe the band and to date there have been loads of comparisons with a very wide range of artists.

The band see this as a good thing as they never set out to sound like anyone else.  Their diverse set of influences and previous bands have amalgamated to create something that has a distinct sound.

There is definitely a very DIY ethos about the band.  They record all their songs in their own studio, release their own music, make their own videos, book their own shows and are trying to show that with a little bit of energy anything is possible.

What’s next for the band?  There will be new music in 2019 and they are booking festival slots for the summer.

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Exactly Zero